2021 Pizza Day Promo

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2021 Pizza Day Promo

Pizza Day!!!

This legendary post made by Laszlo Hanyecz on May 17, 2010 is widely regarded as a seminal moment in the history of ₿itcoin. What is so special about this, you say? Well, a few days later on May 22, 2010, a Bitcointalk user going by the handle Jercos took Laszlo up on his offer, and the first documented exchange of this natively digital "magic internet money" for a real world good was done. At the time, ₿itcoin was valued at around $0.003, so the offer was quite a good one for anyone willing to make it even then, as they would have received around $41 in BTC in exchange for two large pizzas. Today however, ₿itcoin "Pizza Day" is celebrated as a way of marking the tremendous growth of the network--both in utility and value--as ₿TC is used globally for trade every day, and that $41 worth of sats is now valued at over $500,000,000 as of this writing.

At Maine ₿TC we are marking our own increasing growth in utility and value to you, our fellow ₿itcoiners, with a special Pizza Day sale at our area ₿itcoin ATM's! Get ready, because on May 22nd you will be able to purchase ₿itcoin, Ethereum, and Monero at any of our ever expanding locations for ~5% off regular prices! What's more, the promo code will also add ~5% to the price you receive if you are selling your crypto as well! Simply find your nearest Maine ₿TC location on the map, and when performing your transaction enter the promo code "LASZLO". Don't let the opportunity pass you by!

Also don't forget the in-person ₿itcoin meetup at Stars and Strikes Pizza and Bowling Center at 108 Park Street in South Paris on May 22nd from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Come meet some fellow bitcoiners for some pizza and fun! In addition, Athens Pizzeria, located at 179 Main Street in Thomaston will be offering a 20% discount when you order and pay for your pizza using ₿itcoin on Pizza Day! The Great State of Maine is showing up to commemorate this unforgettable and transcendent moment in ₿itcoin history, and we here at Maine ₿TC want you to be a part of it all. Come on down or contact us today for more details.