Bitcoin Meetup in Portland Maine

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Bitcoin Meetup in Portland Maine

Sunday, June 20th, 2021 - From Noon - 3:00PM

Commercial Street Pub at 129 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101

We hope everyone has been enjoying the great weather and freedom in the recent weeks. With stores and restaurants open with little to no restrictions we are planning a number of meetups across the state, starting with Portland. Our meetups are casual and if you're looking for a family friendly environment we have planned meetups at a bowling alley and pizzerias with arcade games in July and August. We will have educational material, Cold Cards and Ledgers. New users can find help with wallets or ask questions. If you're a business owner and would like to discuss and demo crypto payment solutions using BTCPay we can help with that as well. This is an opportunity to talk with the owners of the largest Maine based crypto company and learn more about Bitcoin and how people across Maine are beginning to use it.

All future meetup locations and dates will be provided at part of our regular newsletter.